DVD Region Code Software

Region Protection Code Manager Software For Use with LG or HLDS (Hitachi/LG) drives :

 The RPC MAN program that you are about to download provides you, THE LG Customer, with the ability to set and reset the region code of your DVD ROM drive so that you can choose to view whatever movies you want, whenever you want. 

The information below will allow you to use this software and properly set the regions. 

1.Download the file from the internet to whatever destination you like {floppy disk, hard drive, etc}. Remember what directory you downloaded it to so thatyou can run the program.

2.Double click on this file (RPCMAN.EXE) when you have downloaded it to run it. 

3.There will be a window that appears with LG DVD-ROM RPC Manager as the header. There will be a pull down box that allows you to choose the drive
you wish to set the Region on. Please ensure that the LG Brand drive is listed. 

4.The User Count field is how many more changes you are allowed to make on the drives programming without resetting the drive. Default is 5 

5.The Vendor Count is the number of times left that you have to reset the drive. Default is 4. 

6.The REGION SET BUTTON allows you to choose what region you desire. Please match the region of the movie you have and the Region of the MPEG-II
software being used for the video card. 

7.The RESET button allows you to RESET the User Count to 5 after it has reached 0. 

8.The DISABLE button allows you to disable RPC-II compliance temporarily . This option will be re-enabled after the system has been rebooted.
9.The Initialization button allows you to RESET the Vendor Count back to its default after the Vendor Count has reached 0. The password for this is R2D2.
10.The disc info button provides you information on what type of disc by region has been inserted. 

This Region Protection Code Software for use with DRD8080B systems only. Download the the Region Protection Code Now!